Journey through Rome

7 Sep

Check out this video by David Macaulay. David Macaulay is an acclaimed author and illustrator best know for he’s award winning international best seller The Way Things Work.

In this video Macaulay has made a wide range of sketching and drawings on rome. Every sketch shows a detail, captures an idea. He then takes us on a very interesting series of sketch tours through rome and shows how drawing can be used to communicate a range of stories from a range of views, angles, perspectives and various levels of details. And he uses drawing to make sense of things. Here’s more info on the book Rome Antics.

He alludes to how communication has lots of layers, from a complex drawing to a simple title. And that details come from observation in a variety of ways. Interestingly he shows how vanishing points and perspective are irrelevant as long as the image makes sense. And for me, it gives his drawings a strong character. Because i think, even though we see in “perspective and vanishing points” because we perceive in 3 dimensions we don’t remember or visualize in perfection. Unless you have a photo-graphic memory.

for more on David Macaulay, follow this link to his website.

Thanks Scott!


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