Design Conversations

10 Aug

Design conversations around stories and ideas can lead to deeper insights

Last week we were fortunate enough to have a few of the lads from Second Road in town. Second road is a strategic design consultancy that “helps organisations create cultures that support strategy, innovation and empowerment.” (from their website). Along with a compelling talk by Dr Mark Strom we were invited to workshops with Tim Fife and Vijay Gehani where they shared their ideas of strategic and innovative design thinking, processes and frameworks.

In Dr Strom’s talk and throughout our workshop session a lot of emphasis was placed on conversations and stories. Although these “chats” where directed, informative and information heavy at times, they were mostly casual conversations. When used in  human centered design researching these conversations have proven to be immensely insightful. A critical observer can pick out the hidden values in stories.

This got me thinking of the conversation a person has with their own drawings. A drawing is after all a representation of ideas, events or stories. This ties back into my research questionL Could a designer find deeper insights to their own ideas and thinking processes but observing their own drawings of those ideas?


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