Back and firing on all cylinders

12 Jul

School Certificate Art, Jonathan Ah Kit, CC by

So I’ve taken a small hiatus from this blog (bad, I know) but you’ll all be happy to know I back! Its been an exciting break! I have managed to get a fair amount of soccer world cup viewing topped off by a disappointing final this morning (but lets not get into that…).

My research into drawing practice has developed over the break and as the new semester dawns at university, the push to finalise my ideas becomes more pressing. I continue to find insights regarding my topic, my latest is in the New Zealand Secondary education system. In particular their visual arts practice. In an exercise designed to help kids generate and develop ideas using drawing processes in design practice, design drawing is understood as follows:

“Design drawing may include research, analysis, recording, concepts, roughs, mock-ups, models and evaluation notes, developments and solutions to the brief.” This exercise is specifically tailored towards teaching design practice through the use of drawing processes and procedures. Once again I am confronted with the enormous scope of drawing in the design practice. However to keep my research concise I will be looking into drawing with three main aspects in mind.

Firstly I’ll dive into the importance of drawing as a communication tool, before moving on to investigating any scientific benefits to cognition from practicing drawing and wrap these two aspects up by drawing links between these two aspects and the design thinking process.

PS… South Beach dynasty baby!!!


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