What is Drawing?

17 Jun

Example of a drawing, made to communicate the size and function of the device in terms of the users handWhats up fellow drawing peeps! Its been too long. Ive tried to define the practice of drawing for the purpose of my research. But I find too many terms and ideas around it (don’t get me wrong, thats a good thing). But as I said for the purpose of my research I might need to take a blunt approach and set my definitions of drawing.

I chosen to focus on the three terms drawing, sketching and doodling. I feel with better  understanding of these three terms I can best frame my ideas around what drawing means to design. And although these meanings do cross over its more the cognitive aspects of their practice which informs my opinion.

Sketching – I see sketching as the act of copying a scene, image or idea through drawing. Sketches tend to be end orientated.

Doodling – I see as an extreme explorative exercise, one where the drawer finds themselves searching for an image. Doodles tend to be non-end orientated.

Drawing – I view this as a mix of the two. Its both end orientated by is an explorative exercise.

For those of you who are familiar with the design process, you’ll find many similarities to drawing in both its cognitive functions (design thinking) and its creative and communicative nature. Design is thinking, searching, creating and communicating. Design Drawing is a practice by which to facilitate this process.


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