Warm up exercises – Take 2

20 May

Carrying on from my previous post on warm up exercises, I’ll share with you the exercises I have learnt from my university course. This particular exercise is very useful to help warm up your hand-eye coordination and comes highly recommended! Big ups to Andrew Wallace for this exercise!

Its pretty straight forward, start by quickly drawing a series of lines next to each other. Try to draw them as close to each other as possible and at the same length. Draw a whole bunch in the same direction, eg vertical. Change up your direction, such as horizontal, and diagonal. Go crazy and fill a page, vary the lengths and angles of the lines (see the picture). You can even vary the thickness of the lines you draw to help you better under stand your pencil (my clutch pencil is pretty uncomplicated).

There is one more exercise I wanna share with you in this post. This exercise is about drawing shapes. On your piece of paper start drawing simple a series of simple shapes. Focus on completing the shapes without lifting your pencil off the page. I have drawn squares, circles, stars, and triangles. Try to keep them simple and try to do this as fast as possible. See if you can lay the shapes out in a larger shape! Go nuts!


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