Warming Up Exercises

19 May

Just like most exercises, before you start drawing, its best that you do some simple exercises to warm up your hands and help train your hand eye co-ordination. Heres a run through some of the warm up exercises I have found useful. Remember this is suppose to be quick and dirty so don’t take too long fussing over the details here. I try to fill a page before starting a drawing session. Enjoy!

Start by making two large dots on your page. Aim for around 30cm between the two. Its not all that important that you stick to 30cm, just ensure that the two dots are far enough from each other so that your hand moves from its original position when your drawing your lines. Place the tip of your pencil inside one of the dots and quickly draw a straight line from one point to the other. Make sure your line is continuous. If your line is wonky and veers off like mine, don’t worry, it will get better with practice. Now change the direction in which your line travels and vary the distance between the dots.

Repeat the same exercise vertically. Remember to make the dots far enough from each other to force you to move your hand. Try to slide your hand in a smooth motion, keeping the angle of the pencil constant. I have used a clutch pencil for this exercise. This is because I prefer to draw with a clutch (and this may make die hards cringe). Now plot 4 points on your page and draw individual arcs between them until you have a complete object. I left my pecil in the pics to help with a sense of scale. Peace!


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