Arts + Crafts + Science = Design

7 May

Leonardo da Vinci self portrait - MAMJODH. CC By

There is no doubting the role of arts and crafts in the design discipline from a significant element in the history of design to the production of the first “designers.” Yet there is also no denying the role of the sciences and engineering in design. Many people may argue that arts, crafts and science are all different “types” of design. To such an extent that, even though they fall under the same description, “design”, that they are in fact totally different subjects. This may be true…

However to be a designer is to practice a set of inter-disciplinary skills, which can be transferred across any subject. Whether that is shoe design, website design or the design of a gig poster. Perhaps the greatest example of a designer with inter-disciplinary skills is Leonardo Da Vinci. Even though the term “designer” hadn’t yet been invented in the time of the Renaissance, Da Vinci’s practices in the arts, crafts and sciences makes him a true designer.


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